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If you were to ask my kids, I think they would tell you, a huge goal of mine as a mom, is for them to leave home knowing that we made memories and had memorable traditions.  We have made traditions for birthdays, traditions for first days of school, traditions for first days of the NFL season, traditions on road trips, and of course, all the major holidays.  Heck, they will even throw out that something is a tradition because we did it once or twice and they liked it so they try and get it instated as an official tradition.  I love this part of being a family.  It’s our things.  No one else may do them.  No one else has to.  But it makes us-us.  I love being a family.

One of our New Year traditions is reviewing who we were last year, who we want to be this year and how God wants to use us.  We are never perfect but we rejoice where we got it right and repent where we got it wrong and laugh at the good times we had trying.  As we set goals for this year, I vowed to not be defeated before I start.  I vowed to find joy in the journey.  I am promising myself that my healings, my successes and my attempts will be grounded in God’s word.  Do I want to lose 100 pounds?  Absolutely.  Do I want to have a perfect house every day?  Without a doubt.  Do I want my kids to have the best homeschool teacher the world has ever seen?  Definitely.  Am I going to do those things?  Most likely, I won’t do them as well as I want to. Most likely, I am going to miss the mark.  What I’m not going to do, is do it all in my own strength.  I know better.

My favorite verse has always been Jeremiah 29:11.  God has a plan.  It’s a good plan.  It’s a plan to prosper me and not to harm me.  It’s a plan that gives me a hope and a future.  The next two verses tell me how to find that plan, how to find that future.  That is where you will find me in 2014.  I will be calling upon God.  I will be praying to Him.  He will hear me.  I will seek Him.  I will find Him because I will seek Him with my whole heart.  I won’t do it perfectly but I will do it.  I pray that you join me on this journey.  I pray that you find me to be the friend that is there for you in 2014.  I pray that we make seeking Him with our whole heart a tradition.  One that we live out each day.  Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. From my family to you.

family at art museum