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Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!!!!  Like all people in America this time of year, I am reflecting on 2014, looking forward to 2015 and thinking about the me I want to be and become in the coming year.  In one week from today, I’m going to be turning 38.  Some people might think this is really old, and others might wish they were back at this young age.  Me, I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for quite some time.  I am a fan of the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake bromance and the way they just have fun with everyday things.  One of my favorites is the hashtag sketch where they have an everyday conversation with one another using hashtags as the format for their sentence structure.  (I’ve included a link to the video if you haven’t seen it, but be forewarned there is unfortunately a bleeped out curse word at the very end.) One of my favorite parts is when Jimmy says, “Hashtag, I’m 38.”  Ever since then, I’ve been looking forward to being the same age.

Now, if Jason was writing this blog, he would give you the awesome history of the hashtag.  He’d tell you how according to Wikipedia,

“The number sign was often used in information technology to highlight a special meaning. In 1970 for example, the number sign was used to denote immediate address mode in the assembly language of the PDP-11[6] when placed next to a symbol or a number. In 1978, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie used # in the C programming language for special keywords that had to be processed first by the C preprocessor.[7] Since before the invention of the hashtag, the number sign has been called the “hash symbol” in some countries outside of North America.[8][9]

The number sign then appeared and was used within IRC networks to label groups and topics.[10] Channels or topics that are available across an entire IRC network are prefixed with a hash symbol # (as opposed to those local to a server, which use an ampersand ‘&’).[11]

The use of the number sign in IRC inspired[12] Chris Messina to propose a similar system to be used on Twitter to tag topics of interest on the microblogging network.[13] He posted the first hashtag on Twitter:

how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

Internationally, the hashtag became a practice of writing style for Twitter posts during the 2009–2010 Iranian election protests, as both English- and Persian-language hashtags became useful for Twitter users inside and outside Iran.“dw”. 2009.

The first use of the term “hash tag” was in a blog post by Stowe Boyd, “Hash Tags = Twitter Groupings,”[14] on 26 August 2007, according to lexicographer Ben Zimmer, chair of the American Dialect Society’s New Words Committee.

Beginning July 2, 2009,[citation needed] Twitter began to hyperlink all hashtags in tweets to Twitter search results for the hashtagged word (and for the standard spelling of commonly misspelled words). In 2010, Twitter introduced “Trending Topics” on the Twitter front page, displaying hashtags that are rapidly becoming popular. However, Twitter has an algorithm to tackle black-hat SEO practice of making a hashtag trending.[15] The algorithm ensures that the hashtags trend naturally.”

Who am I kidding?  Jason would never use Wikipedia as a source.  I’m just not that kind of writer.  So you just get a Jimmy Fallon video and an announcement from me to you.

In 2015, I want to be more disciplined.  God has been working with me a lot in this area and surprisingly, it isn’t the rigid, overwhelming do the entire checklist kind of discipline because I don’t measure up and can’t do enough.  It’s a rest in His peace, trust in Him because He is always enough, know that God has a plan that will turn out good even if I have to go through some bad to get there.  It’s a discipline that I am striving to immerse myself in His word, His truth and His love so regularly, my focus isn’t on any one circumstance or issue but on the truth of who He is and what He wants to do through me.

So that said, I am instituting the year of the hashtag in 2015 for you to follow along with our family and my journey this year.  #soroskigram on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will give you a picture of each of our days from each of our family that is planning on participating but definitely me.  Feel free to use the #soroskigram hastag to share your day and year with us.  I will be blogging regularly, probably about every 2 weeks to share about things going on in our life and my opinion on things.  I’d love to have you join along.  Hold me accountable. Strive to be relevant in your day to day life in 2015.  Immerse yourself along with me in prayer and God’s word.  Let me know if you want a place to come and learn more about who Jesus is and how you can live for Him if you’re in the Katy/Richmond/Fulshear area. Love Big.  Forgive yourself for mistakes in 2014.  Forgive others for theirs.  Take on the discipline to follow Christ in every area of your life so you can find rest in Him.  #happynewyearfromtheSoroski7